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Arizona SWAT Team Breaks Down Family’s Front Door And ‘Kidnaps’ Child For Not Being Vaccinated

The Chandler Police Department in Arizona recently dispatched its heavily armed SWAT team in the middle of the night to a local residence after the Department of Child Safety asked officers to conduct a welfare check on a two-year-old boy who had “developed a potentially life-threatening fever and illness” due to “not being vaccinated.”

The boy was whisked away to a nearby hospital and has reportedly not been returned to his parents.

The boy’s father, who the Associated Press identified as Brooks Bryce, released home security video of the encounter, which was then posted online by The Arizona Republic. The video has been seen nearly 100,000 times and is described as follows:

A Chandler, Arizona, father provided home-security video of Chandler police breaking down the door of a family’s home for a DCS – requested welfare check of a child with a spiking fever, after parents refused to give police permission to enter their home.

Watch below:

Natural News reported that another child at the same home was also “kidnapped” and taken away to the hospital; neither have reportedly been returned to their parents:

This violent raid that destroyed the front door of the home and subjected the entire family to being psychologically terrorized by police follows in the footsteps of Rockland County, New York declaring medical martial law a few days ago, threatening all unvaccinated children and teens with arrest and six months in prison if they dared step foot on a public sidewalk or even go to school or church.

In New York, the insane medical fascists demand you remain a prisoner in your own home, while in Chandler, Arizona, they raid your home and break in your front door, justifying it all with some absurd claim that “an infant has a fever.”

According to CBS12, the Chandler Police Department has come under heavy scrutiny because of the way their officers handled the situation. The department, of course, is defending and justifying their actions, saying they had obtained a court order to break into the house and send both children to the hospital via ambulance.

Police charged each parent with one count of child abuse.

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