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Aborted Babies Are Being Incinerated To Heat Hospitals In The UK…

Numerous hospitals in the United Kingdom have reportedly been incinerating the bodies of aborted or miscarried babies to generate power for heating, according The New York Post.

Ipswich Hospital and Addenbrooke’s in Cambridge have admitted to burning infants’ bodies at their “waste to energy” plants; the aborted babies were identified as “clinical waste” and were burned alongside “other rubbish.” Another eight British hospitals have employed the very same tactics.

Approximately 15,500 fetal remains have been incinerated as of a 2014 estimate, so that number has most likely increased exponentially seeing how it is now 2019.

The shocking revelation came about after Channel 4 released a documentary on the subject.

According to

The program discovered that many parents who lose children early in their pregnancy suffer callous treatment by the hospitals and they are frequently asked what they want done with the remains.

According to the documentary, mothers were told by staff at Addenbrooke’s that the remains had been “cremated.” One of the country’s top hospitals, it reportedly incinerated 797 babies below 13 weeks gestation at the “waste to energy” plant. At Ipswich 1,101 fetal remains were burned between 2011 and 2013.

It’s not only about the UK, but U.S. as well…

The topic of abortion has been very controversial; especially here in the United States. Are hospitals in the U.S. using the same methods to convert “waste” (i.e. aborted babies) into energy? Hopefully not…

Individuals who are pro-choice and tout that it’s “my body, my choice” are quick to pounce on pro-life supporters and legislation.

Here is just one recent example from a Facebook user who learned about a new Alabama law proposal that would imprison those involved in abortions for up to 99 years:

“I am furious reading this. Alabama and every other government in this world, it is MY BODY. MY PERSONAL DECISION. Stay out of it. I will fight like hell for my sisters and brothers, for my children and their children to keep this sacred until my last breath.”

Facebook Post Abortions To Be Punished With Up To 99 Years In Prison
Credit: Facebook

This person’s very emotional response is interesting. Let’s break it down:

-She got furious while reading an article about a potential new law that will threaten women with life imprisonment (or even death) if they participate in abortions. Hmm, okay. Fair enough.

-She wants every government in the world to know it’s HER BODY and HER PERSONAL DECISION. But is it really? As a woman, yes your body is your own. But when you choose to have intercourse, and then happen to become pregnant as a result of that decision, there is a new body growing inside yours… is there not? That body (the fetus/baby/infant) is NOT your body.

Wait, still don’t understand? Okay, check this out:

Not Your Body
Credit: Life News

To be fair, there are circumstances, such as rape, where the woman had no control over the situation and was forced to have sex (and even possibly become pregnant as a result). That is a gray area.

-Finally, she states she will “fight like hell for my sisters and brothers, for my children and their children to keep this sacred until her last breath. So, she’s fighting for her own children and others to keep the practice of abortion alive and well? Also, she considers abortion “sacred”? Uh, what??

There is something wrong here – something very, very wrong.

Is there a more sinister agenda behind the topic of abortion?

Did you know that ritual sacrifices involving children have been practiced since ancient times?

Moloch, a Canaanite god that was associated with child sacrifice, was (and still is) worshiped by occultists. The deity was oftentimes depicted as a bronze statue heated with fire into which the victims (who were mostly young children or even infants) were placed until they died.

Moloch The God
18th-century depiction of the Moloch idol (Der Götze Moloch mit 7 Räumen oder Capellen. “The idol Moloch with seven chambers or chapels”), from Johann Lund’s Die Alten Jüdischen Heiligthümer (1711, 1738). Credit: Wikipedia

Do you see the particular connection we’re trying to make here? The connection between ritual sacrifices and modern abortions, which is the world’s leading cause of death.

Seeing how New York recently passed a law that allows abortions to occur at any time if the “mother’s health is at risk,” it seems like pro-choicers are definitely getting their way and it is even spreading to other states.

For example, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam discussed exactly what would happen after a mother has already given birth to an infant (in relation to the Third Trimester Abortion Bill):

Of course, the brainwashed/complicit tools in Hollywood are in favor of all this.

Below is a photo of actress Alyssa Milano delivering a letter to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s office detailing her opposition to HB 481 at the State Capitol in Atlanta. HB 481 would ban almost all abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected (H/T: AP):

Actress Alyssa Milano Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Letter
Credit: Fox News / AP

The media is also in a tizzy over anti-abortion legislation. Just look at some of these headlines:

Search Results Anti-Abortion Bill
Credit: Google

Like we said earlier, there is something very wrong going on in not only our country, but the world.

Can we ever recover from this degeneracy? Can we ever truly atone for our sins?

That is ultimately up to God to decide.

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Main Image Credit: Broadly – Vice

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