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Can The LA Dodgers Win Again In 2019?

Photo by Tim Gouw, License

The 2019 baseball season has started and the LA Dodgers have started the year in the same way they’ve played for the best part of the last decade: with the majority of their games ending with their victory. With a number of changes to their team’s lineup in the off season, they’re ready to fight their way to the World Series again.

Having won the National League in 2018, the LA Dodgers made it to the World Series for a second consecutive year but failed to go all the way in both. Going into the 2019 season, the LA Dodgers are favourites to win the National League again, but doubts still remain if they’re going to be able to go all the way.

Off Season
The off season has been very busy for the LA Dodgers with several departures, signings and trades. These changes haven’t just taken place on the pitch, with Faran Zaidi, the team’s general manager for the last four years leaving to take up the role of President for the San Francisco Giants.

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Photo by Pixabay, License

Victory in the West?
For the last six years the LA Dodgers have won the National League West title, meaning it would be fair to assume they are a strong favourite to win this again. For the Dodgers, victory in the National League West title proves little any more having dominated this division for the best part of the 2010s.

National League & World Series?
The Dodgers have also proved they can win the National League having won it for the last two years, but have yet to have any success in the World Series. Can 2019 be their year? A lot will likely depend on whether their star players suffer from more injuries. Several of the team’s big names have been hit with almost pandemic levels of them in the last few years. Clayton Kershaw has spent the last four seasons with his name on the injury list with a string of different ailments including inflammation in his shoulder and back and bicep problems.

Overall the LA Dodgers continue to have a strong line up, one that could well be a strong contender for the National League and the World Series. It is almost a given that they will win the National League’s Western Division Title, providing their star players don’t get hit by any serious injuries. As long as they keep up the pace, that 31 year World Series drought will get broken at some point.