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Video: Mark Levin EXPLODES On Fox & Friends, Preaches The Truth About Mueller’s “Political Document” That Should Have Never Been Created

On Friday morning, Fox & Friends had one of their colleagues, Mark Levin, on to discuss the newly released Mueller report.

If you’ve seen Levin’s show Life, Liberty & Levin, which airs on the weekends, or have heard him speak during his syndicated radio program, you are probably aware that he gets very passionate at times.

During this particular interaction, Levin took off his proverbial gloves and told the three Fox & Friends hosts, along with their audience, exactly how it is when it comes to Robert Mueller’s collusion report (Volume II in particular): It’s a total farce that was created to fan the flames of the dishonest mainstream media and give hack politicians, such as Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, a reason to continue to pursue bogus obstruction of justice claims or even impeachment.

Watch the explosive video below (and listen very carefully to what Levin has to say):

Backup link:

He is completely right. The media and left-wing politicians are obsessed with this ridiculous report.

As we covered in another article, Mueller used various MSM stories as official sources for his investigation. Huh??

Mueller Report Mainstream Media Citation 4
Page 294 of the Mueller report

Testimonies from individuals close to the case = GOOD

Notes about conversations or interactions from people (like Jeff Sessions) who interacted with President Trump or his staff = GOOD

Articles and op-eds from the dishonest mainstream news media who oftentimes pump out fake and misleading information (i.e. yellow journalism for clicks and ad revenue) = BAD

What do you think? Was Levin’s analysis spot-on or was he way off? Leave a comment below.

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Main Image Credit: Fox News

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