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Insider: The Redacted Portions Of Robert Mueller’s Report Are Much More Interesting Than You Think…

An individual who claims to be an insider in the Russian collusion investigation posted several very strange messages that described what is allegedly contained within certain redacted portions of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, which was released to the public by Attorney General William Barr on Thursday.

There are seven posts in total, with the first one titled ‘The redacted portions of Robert Mueller’s report are… much more interesting than you think.’

The person started off by saying the following:

As you may have noticed, there are many redactions found throughout Mueller’s Russian Interference Report that was released just days ago. Attorney General William Barr and his team (I am not sure of the specifics) sifted through the document and blacked out many things that might “harm” ongoing matters. Sure, some of the items that were redacted would harm sensitive ongoing investigations or reveal personal information. Other redactions, though, are just straight out strange. Let me explain.

You see, early on in the investigation Mueller found out there was absolutely no collusion between President Trump, his 2016 campaign or anyone he was affiliated with, and the Russian government. There was zero proof of collusion. Nothing. Nada. The thing is, Mueller was so pressured by certain notable politicians (you can likely guess their names), as well as high-profile and very influential executives from mainstream media corporations, to find anything (and when I mean anything, I mean ANYTHING) that would link Trump to Russia. Mueller was a decorated Vietnam veteran and had served his country in many other capacities; he was a man of integrity. But as you’ll soon learn, he eventually buckled in the end.

Upon reporting his initial (non) findings when it came to Russian collusion, the political and mainstream news media hacks were furious. They demanded he continued to search for evidence – even if it took years. So, that’s what he did.

Mueller Insider Post 1
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They continued:

The second volume of the report basically reads as a Wikipedia entry; it has a ton of information and citations, but if you look very closely, those citations come from very unorthodox sources when it comes to a federal investigation of this magnitude. They’re not just grand jury testimonies or witness interviews, they’re from certain media outlets who, some, would consider unreliable (at best). This is what Mueller spent most of his time on: developing a sort of narrative that would get him off the hook as Special Counsel (when it was finally revealed there was no collusion) and also satisfy the politicians and MSM execs that constantly annoyed him by demanding to hear the latest gossip about the case.

From a political perspective, you can imagine how the Democrats would salivate over the mere possibility that a Republican President colluded with a foreign entity; especially one they despised so much. Their ultimate goal during his first term in office was obviously impeachment and removal. If that failed, plan B would be to hamper his 2020 reelection bid. That is what we are seeing now with the “obstruction of justice” angle, which in my opinion, is completely ridiculous.

From a business perspective (mainstream news media outlets – ALL of them), an investigation that lasted years would give them endless talking points every day and night on their silly shows. You have the liberal side, who, like the Democrats, cannot stand the POTUS. Day after day, night after night, they discussed Mueller’s investigation and the possibility that Trump would finally be found guilty of collusion, removed from office and even thrown in prison. This was their wet dream. Then you had the conservative side, which was obviously the underdog. But, make no mistake about it, they too benefited from the investigation. They used the opportunity to go on the defensive and stick up for President Trump (well, the evening shows in particular). It was a David vs. Goliath type situation. It was great for ratings, on both ends, and brought in tons of revenue.

Ultimately, if you have even half a brain in your head, you’d realize it’s all a dog and pony show; two sides of the same coin. TPTB is a real concept, but I digress.

As for certain redacted portions of the report, I can say you should focus on a few fully redacted pages. This is where AG Barr, I’m sure, was shaking his head and thinking to himself “What the f**k?”

The first actually starts on page 129 (341 in PDF) and page 130 (342 in PDF).

Mueller Insider Post 2

The supposed insider then started to summarize certain redacted portions of Volume II:

Without getting into too many specifics, this portion of Volume II surprisingly has to do with the current status of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You see, from all the pressure Mueller received to produce evidence of wrongdoing (which never existed), the scope of the investigation as a whole was infinitely extended (ie. no topic was off limits). Mueller knew certain portions of the report would certainly be redacted; this being one of them.

To summarize, these particular pages were actually strategically placed inside Volume II to cause confusion because while reading the full unredacted version, you’d see the topic/subject’s context would suddenly change, along with the dates of the occurrences (eg. jumping around from 2015, 2016, 2017 to 2018 and even 2019).

The information contained within these two pages tells of Ginsburg’s current (grim) condition and how there has been an ongoing cover up; certain prominent individuals want to make sure she is still (technically) alive for as long as possible – even past 2024, if Trump happens to be reelected. One angle of the cover up is to push periodic news articles touting her good health and recovery, as well as publishing doctored photographs and even videos. To my knowledge, the technology we possess now is mind-blowing; it is virtually impossible to distinguish between what is real and what is fake (even when it comes to video footage, or “deep fakes”, and audio or voice recognition). This would not be hard for them to cover up, but it is interesting how Mueller chose to reveal this information in a report about a supposed Russia collusion investigation. As I have already said, the scope pretty much went out the window early on, because he had to keep it going for as long as possible. That’s the only rational conclusion I can come up with.

Mueller Insider Post 3

Hmm, the thread is starting to look like a political piece of fiction. Why would a supreme court justice be mentioned in an investigation about Russian collusion? Though, the individual did state Mueller’s scope “went out the window early on,” so perhaps he was truly desperate to fluff his report with as much nonsense as possible.


Now, let’s move onto something even stranger. The next topic is somewhat broken up into different segments throughout Volume II. The first part starts on page 133 (345 in PDF). Second continues on 151 (363 in PDF). And finally, ends in Appendix D (D-4, 5, 6 in document; 446-448 in PDF).

During the course of Mueller’s “investigation”, even after he knew for a fact Trump and anyone he was associated with did not collude with Russia or any other foreign entity, a certain couple visited his office. They identified themselves as Mr. and Mrs. Klandethu, which seemed like a very strange last name.

The Klandethus dressed in traditional 1940s attire and exhibited an odd demeanor. The only reason why Mueller, and a select few members of his team, agreed to meet with them was because they had claimed to have intimate knowledge of facts pertaining to alleged collusion between President Trump and Russia. At this point, it seemed as though Mueller was desperate for anything.

As one of the individuals allowed into the office during this particular meeting, I was tasked with taking copious notes of the interaction. What the Klandethus revealed was startling to say the least.

They discussed their knowledge about certain individuals who were being investigated in the case, as it pertained to collusion. This shocked Mueller, as there was no way they could know such information. They then continued and confirmed what was already known: Trump and his 2016 campaign team had done nothing wrong.

At this point, Mueller looked disappointed, but quickly questioned them about their previous knowledge of subjects that were supposed to be confidential / on a need-to-know-basis. The Klandethus explained how they were psychics and clairvoyants. They told of stories about large caverns located dead center in Antarctica that led to the Hollow Earth (aka. Agartha) and how certain entities in governments across the world (including the U.S.) had already known about this and took exhaustive measures to make sure the general public would never find out the truth.

They discussed ancient civilizations that predated Sumer and how they were even more technologically advanced than we are today; they had harnessed the power of the atom and even surpassed it with a type of dark matter destructive technology that ultimately led to their demise and total eradication (ie. no ruins or evidence of them having ever lived on Earth).

The couple, all in rapid succession, fast forwarded to the first moon landing in 1969 (Apollo 11). They explained how it was the first and ONLY moon landing; Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had discovered something very disturbing during their 2+ hour jaunt on the surface. Controllers back on Earth scrambled to bring them back as quickly as possible. When they finally splashed down in the ocean, they were quarantined for three months to make sure they had not brought back with them something extraterrestrial in nature. During this time, the government was working with the media to orchestrate an elaborate cover up of the event (by using fake footage, body doubles, etc).

Mueller Insider Post 4

Mr. and Mrs. Klandethu? Is this some sort of spin on the planet “Klendathu” from the movie Starship Troopers?

Klendathu System
Credit: Starship Troopers, TriStar Pictures

Finally, the “insider” concluded with the following:

The Klandethus continued on with their ramblings, but Mueller stopped them. Even though he had served as the director of the FBI, he was not privy to certain information. Like the rest of us, it did seem as if he somewhat believed what the couple was telling him, but it was just way off track and had nothing to do with the investigation at that point. Regardless, he included scraps of the information they provided in his report for documentation purposes.

My guess is AG Barr read those portions and thought Mueller had gone absolutely insane. To protect his reputation, he naturally redacted it.

Even though Barr has offered to show various politicians an unredacted version of the report (in a secure reading room), I seriously doubt this will happen. There is just too much strange and out of context information contained within that it might actually taint its credibility as a whole.

You can either believe what I have told you or think it’s utter rubbish and pure fiction. It does not matter to me. I will not be making any more posts after this.

Mueller Insider Post 5

Like he or she said, we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether this alleged leaked information about the redactions contained in Mueller’s report are true or not.

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