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President Trump Wants Attorney General Barr To Consider Investigating Joe Biden And Son Over Ties To Ukraine

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, announced the POTUS wants Attorney General William Barr to consider investigating Joe Biden – a Democratic contender in next year’s presidential election – over his family’s unethical business ties to Ukraine while he served as vice president.

The former New York mayor made the remark just as fears grew among the Democrat party that Trump will use the U.S. Justice Department, and possibly the FBI, to “go after” his political rivals (sound familiar?).

On Sunday, Giuliani spoke to The Guardian and told them both he and Trump agreed that Barr should be the one to decide whether investigators ought to look into a business deal conducted in Ukraine by Biden’s son, Hunter, while Biden was still vice president.

“I believe the president has the same view that I have – that the attorney general should make this call.

“I can’t tell Attorney General Barr what to do. He’s a very, very fine lawyer. My experience with him is that he’s a very honorable man, and he will do the right thing.”

Giuliani had originally planned on traveling to Ukraine to seek information from senior officials about Hunter Biden’s lucrative business deal, but ended up cancelling the trip amid sharp criticism from several Democratic candidates and others.

House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff told ABC News, “Going after Biden’s son is just a method of going after someone the president believes is his most formidable opponent.”

According to The Guardian:

Giuliani has been working to resurface allegations that Biden improperly used his position as Barack Obama’s “point man” on Ukraine to help the business career of his younger son, Hunter, a corporate lawyer and former reservist in the US navy.

Biden has publicly boasted that in 2015 he threatened to withhold US aid to Ukraine, as a way to help oust the country’s top prosecutor. Giuliani claims Biden did so because the prosecutor had been investigating a gas company that was paying Hunter Biden as a director. The investigation was dropped.

The Bidens strenuously deny any connection. They are supported by prominent anti-corruption campaigners in Ukraine, who say the prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, was simply failing to thoroughly investigate corruption among the country’s elite and deserved to be fired.

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Image Credit: AP / Nick Wass

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