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VIDEO: Attorney General William Barr Opts For Military Transport Over Civilian Flight On Way To Alaska

On Thursday, U.S. Attorney General William Barr chose to travel on a military transport plane to Alaska instead of using a civilian flight for a meeting with both politicians and Native American Leaders to discuss safety and law enforcement.

A seemingly “intense” moment during the trip was captured and shared on Twitter by Kerri Kupec, the director of public affairs for the DOJ.

Barr was seen strapped into a rear-facing seat as the cargo door was fully extended. The AG looked straight ahead and appeared to be admiring the majestic backdrop of the Alaskan countryside, including snow-capped mountain peaks.

“Sometimes plans change and you have to take a military transport plane to your next round-table discussion. Thanks for the lift, @AKNationalGuard! #AdventuresWithAGBarr @TheJusticeDept”

Some on social media enjoyed the short clip:

One person on YouTube thought it was the perfect opportunity to add the song ‘The Valkyrie – Ride of the Valkyries’ by Richard Wagner. He named the video ‘Bill Barr of the Valkyrie.’

Watch below:

Main Image Credit: Twitter

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