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UK Seafood Shop Offers ‘Free Bags Of Fish Guts’ To Throw At Trump During Visit…

Apparently throwing milkshakes at politicians in the United Kingdom is no longer in style.

Now, a seafood shop in London is offering customers “free bags of fish guts” to pelt at U.S. President Donald Trump while he visits the country:

Free Bags Of Fish Guts To Throw At Trump
Photo captured at an English seafood shop. (Credit: 4chan)

The sign can reportedly be found outside a store near Kings Road in London, England. A user on 4chan discovered the image on social media and also revealed the alleged identity of the seafood shop, which can be viewed here.

Last month, we reported on how fast food giant Burger King had subliminally suggested using milkshakes as political tools against figures like Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson:

The situation appears to be (slightly) escalating, as throwing chocolate or vanilla milkshakes is no longer good enough when it comes to expressing dissent; fish guts are now the go-to “food” choice.

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