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Insider: Queen Elizabeth Praised Trump In Now-Deleted Interview, Called Him An “Amazing Person” With A “Good Heart” And Said “In Another Life, He Could Be My Son”

A staffer at an unnamed MSM news outlet in the United Kingdom is claiming they were recently involved in an interview with Queen Elizabeth II where she unexpectedly complimented U.S. President Donald Trump.

The alleged insider said executives at the organization are “fuming” because they couldn’t salvage the piece due to her relentless praise of the POTUS.

In an online post titled ‘Queen Elizabeth LOVES Donald Trump despite what media wants you to believe,’ the person started out by saying the following:

Was just involved in an exclusive interview with the Queen, but the execs at my company decided not to air it because she praised Trump so f**king much. It was literally impossible to edit and not make it look like total garbage.

The brass are fuming. It’s as if she said f**k it and just spoke her mind. It was AMAZING.

The staffer then provided just one of the Q&A interactions from the scrapped interview and explained how “everyone was absolutely flabbergasted” after her comments:

Reporter: Many are wondering about your relationship with President Trump? Can you tell us a bit about it?

Queen Elizabeth: He’s really just an amazing person. So thoughtful, you know. We’ve had some private talks and he is very genuine. I have a sense about people, and the president has a good heart. In another life, he could be my son.

After that, everyone was absolutely flabbergasted. I could tell it was hard for the interviewer to go on and follow the script, but he/she did nonetheless.

UK MSM Whistleblower Queen Elizabeth Loves Donald Trump
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One person was naturally suspicious and asked the supposed MSM staff member what the station will tell the queen after she realizes the interview will never air:

Riddle me this: if they killed the interview, what are they going to tell her since she spent all that time doing it? She expects to see it on TV right?

Their answer:

Not completely sure what excuse they’ll use, but they’re pretty brazen. The higher ups will prob just count on her brushing it off. She’s sharp as a tack for her age though, so it might not be that easy.

Another chimed in and said:

Hope she insists on getting it out to the public.

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Read the full thread here (archive).

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