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California Democrat Bashes Colleagues, Says She’s Tired Of Hearing So Many “Sex-Starved Males” Talk About A Woman’s Right To Choose…

On Wednesday, Representative Norma Torres (D-CA) referred to her male colleagues as “sex-starved” during a discussion about federal spending in 2020:

Full transcript:

TORRES: Mr. Speaker, it is tiring to hear from so many sex-starved males on this floor talk about a woman’s right to choose. Mr. Speaker…

SPEAKER: For what purpose does the gentleman from Georgia seek recognition?

GEORGIA REP: Mr. Speaker, I would just like to ask my friend if she’d like to change her last statement?

TORRES: Mr. Speaker, if it pleases my colleague on the other side, I will withdraw my statement about “sex-starved males” on the floor.

Reactions on social media were mixed:

Main Image Credit: C-Span / Twitter

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