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Trump Reportedly Orders Pence Back To White House Amid Russian Nuclear Submarine Disaster That Claimed The Lives Of 14 Sailors

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Defense in Moscow reported 14 of its sailors were killed after a “fire broke out on a secret Russian submarine.”

A translation of their statement was released by state-run Tass:

“On July 1, 14 submariners – sailors – died in Russian territorial waters as a result of inhaling combustion products aboard a research submersible vehicle designated for studying the seafloor and the bottom of the World Ocean in the interests of the Russian Navy after a fire broke out during bathymetric measurements.”

According to USNI News, the remaining crew was able to extinguish the fire. The incident is believed to have occurred off Russia’s northern shore in the Barents Sea yesterday, but the MoD has not specified.

The submarine was towed to the Russian North Fleet headquarters in Severomork and an investigation is underway.

Russian President Vladimir Putin canceled various scheduled meetings to address the situation with his defense minister.

Interestingly enough, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence also canceled a “speaking engagement” in New Hampshire at the exact same time:

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Alyssa Farah, the VP’s press secretary, said “something came up” that required Pence to remain in Washington, D.C. She also claimed there was no “emergency callback”:

Some had their doubts:


Jim Puzzanghera, the Washington bureau chief at The Boston Globe, posted the following message on Twitter:

“A Secret Service official told those attending a planned New Hampshire opiod event that President Trump had ordered Pence back to Washington just before his flight was about to land.”


From the article titled ‘Mike Pence unexpectedly cancels N.H. event’:

Tom Mountain, a Massachusetts GOP committeeman, was in the room where Pence was to appear.

He said a Secret Service official told those attending that President Trump had ordered Pence back to Washington just as his flight was about to land.

“The president called Air Force Two back to Washington. It was about to land and they had to call them back to Washington. I don’t recall that they used the word ‘emergency ‘or ‘crisis,’ ” he said.

He was worried just the same about the implications of Pence being recalled to Washington.

“Our own take on this is that it’s not good. I’ve been to many such events in New Hampshire and around the area. This is the first time I’ve been to an event where either the president or vice president’s plane has been called back when they’re literally about to land, and they were about to land.”




Main Image Credit: IndyStar

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