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SECRET Phone Number To Epstein’s ‘Little Saint James Island’ Possibly Discovered

On Thursday, a user on popular image board 4chan claimed they had stumbled across a “secret” phone line to suspected sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous private Caribbean island.

The person first shared their discovery on Reddit’s r/conspiracy, but the post was quickly deleted and their account received a temporary ban:

Reddit Ban
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A thread was subsequently created on 4chan and has so far gained over 200 replies. The original poster described what he/she heard after calling the mysterious number:

It starts with an automated woman’s voice telling you the call will be recorded. It sounds super random and not at all like typical automated customer service verbiage.

“We’re very excited to tell you about a special promotion for **select callers**. This will only take a moment, by answering just a few questions, we’ll find out if this **offer/service** is right for you.”

They continued:

Okay, at this point, it will ask you one of several variations of a base question. It seemed to be random each time I called. Here are the questions I got after calling repeatedly.

“Do you, or does someone in your household have cell phone service (CP)? Press 1 if you have cell phone service, otherwise press pound.”

Pressing pound immediately transfers you to an actual related company.

“Are you 50 years of age or older?”

This one immediately transferred me to “Jessica,” who asked if I could “hear her okay” then silence for about 7 seconds, I’m guessing for me to respond. I said “yes,” and the silence persisted, so I think it is a recording purporting to be a live person. She then asks another question, but hangs up before you can answer.

“If you were born after 1920, press x” (the digit changes every time you call).

Next, the user described what they heard when they responded to the questions “correctly”:

“Congratulations, and thanks for calling. This is Leila, with ***** **** Services, can you hear me okay?”

This is followed by a 5 second pause, seemingly for you to respond. However, no matter what you say, the woman hangs up on you after about 5 seconds. Every single time. It’s like there’s a voice recognition system waiting to hear a specific phrase in that short window, and if it doesn’t hear it exactly, they cut the call.

If you don’t get those questions, [you may] get the following two:

“Do you, or someone in your household watch TV at least once a week, press x” (the digit changes every time). “Otherwise press pound.”

If you provide no response, it abruptly routes you to a cable advertisement with **** ******* with the same woman’s voice. The **** ad then midway through turns into an ad for an “Addiction Specialist.” She talks about how addictions can be hard to deal with, and need proper treatment etc.

Epstein Island Secret Phone Line 1
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For this specific question, if you continue to do nothing beyond this point, the following happens:

She abruptly says “please hang up now.” 3x rapidly, and a loud a**, high pitched whistling/screeching noise comes on. I hung up at that part because it scared the sh*t out of me. It literally hurt my ears.

This also happened:

“If you’ve used a telephone in the last week, press x” (the digit changes every time).

If you select both numbers, it says:

“You have answered our questions correctly. Please allow up to 12 hours for our system to update.” Then it hangs up immediately.

If you select nothing it says:

“You have not answered the questions correctly. If this is your first attempt at answering our questions, you can call back into the system to try again. If this is your second attempt, you will be blocked from calling our systems.” Then it hangs up immediately.

The person then speculated about the strange automated messages and what it all might mean:

Guys I think “watch TV” and “use cell phone” are codes for something. Why would it ask you such random, yet specific questions? Why does the company/subject change randomly every time you call back? Why all the weird run around and cryptic questions/responses? It’s like they gave someone a script, and had them read out various versions of it to make it seem like people are calling a real business, and going through the normal automated BS. If you don’t answer those first two questions, properly, you will not get past that point to hear all the other weird sh*t and get routed to an actual company’s phone line.

I think this is possibly a MENU. This is how [people] visiting the island call up and order what they want, but you have to know the codes/phrases to get in.

Epstein Island Secret Phone Line 2
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Read the full thread here

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