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Stephen Hawking Pictured On Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Island Of Sin’

Source: The Telegraph

New pictures show Stephen Hawking enjoying the hospitality of Jeffrey Epstein on the private Caribbean island where Prince Andrew is alleged to have slept with an underage “sex slave.”

The celebrated physicist can be seen at a barbecue on Little St James as well as taking a boat cruise and submarine tour of the sea bed off the island.

Stephen Hawking Jeffrey Epstein Little St James
British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking attends a barbecue on Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean island Little St James while attending a conference on neighbouring island St Thomas in March 2006. (Photo: TIM STEWART NEWS LIMITED)

Epstein, 61, is said to have paid for the submarine to be modified for Professor Hawking, who had never been underwater before.

Stephen Hawking Jeffrey Epstein Little St James 2
Stephen Hawking pictured on a sea bed tour on a submarine off Little St James (Photo: TIM STEWART NEWS LIMITED)

The Cambridge professor visited Epstein’s “Island of Sin” in March 2006 shortly before the paedophile billionaire was charged by police in Palm Beach with unlawful sexual activity with a minor.

Hawking was one of 21 internationally-renowned scientists attending a conference, funded by Epstein, on gravity at the Ritz-Carlton hotel on neighbouring island St Thomas.

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Main Image Credit: Quanta Magazine