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VIDEO: Shocking New Footage Shows Coronavirus Victims ‘Dropping Like Flies’ In China As Alleged Antarctica Whistleblower Claims Deadly Strain Is Being ‘Tested’

As tens of millions in countless cities across China become quarantined due to an outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus, videos from the highly-censored communist country have been leaked online showing infected victims collapsing and sprawled out in busy urban public spaces.

Watch below (Warning: the following footage may be disturbing; viewer discretion is advised) –






One video shows medical personnel rushing a man lying in what appears to be a hospital bed to an unknown location –

Another shows armed officials in biohazard suits guarding the entrance to a building –

Meanwhile, an alleged whistleblower from Antarctica took to popular anonymous image board 4chan to share some ominous information about the recent Coronavirus outbreak –

“thus [sic] thing allows you not to feel cold we are testing It now#QxTT”

coronavirus antarctica
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Second post –

“Keep your eyes on the money, check the Chinese funds price and gold, until there is solid reverse, it’s all going downhill for them. good luck gentlemen”

coronavirus antarctica

Hovering your cursor over the user’s flag will show you it in fact originated from Antarctica –

coronavirus antarctica


Some believe wealthy and powerful individuals are involved in a worldwide eugenics-like operation. Releasing a deadly virus into large populations may be just one tactic they use to control Earth’s population.

UPDATE #1: President Trump recently praised China’s efforts to battle the killer virus, saying, “It will all work out well” –

According to news outlet RT, the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission has confirmed that a patient infected with the deadly coronavirus has, for the first time since the outbreak, been cured and discharged from hospital.

UPDATE #2: Chinese president warns of ‘accelerating spread’ of coronavirus and grave public health situation

Main Image Credit: The Walking Dead, AMC, Fox

Video Credits: 4chan, social media

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