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Satellite Images Show Alleged Mass Cremations Taking Place In Chinese Cities…

High levels of sulphur dioxide (SO2) have been detected in newly released satellite images of the Chinese cities of Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, and Chongqing, another area devastated by the deadly virus.

Chinese Coronavirus Outbreak Sulphur Dioxide Levels Map 1
This satellite map, which was captured over the weekend, shows very high levels of sulphur dioxide (SO2) in the city of Wuhan at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak (Image Credit: / Caption Credit: Daily Mail)
Chinese Coronavirus Outbreak Sulphur Dioxide Levels Map 2
The virus-hit cities of Wuhan and Chongqing both showed high levels of sulphur dioxide, which is produced in the incineration of bodies and medical waste (Image Credit: / Caption Credit: Daily Mail)

Scientists say that sulphur dioxide is produced when bodies are cremated, and also when medical waste is incinerated, according to the Daily Mail.

3,062 new cases were reported in China on Sunday, with the death toll rising by a whopping 97. Authorities have confirmed it was the deadliest day since the coronavirus epidemic began.

The total death count now stands at 909, which surpasses the 774 deaths seen during the Chinese SARS outbreak between 2002-2003, reports Infowars.

40,000 global cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed as of Monday.

The latest surge in casualties comes at a time when millions of citizens are returning to work after celebrating the Lunar New Year holiday.

Although roads in both Shanghai and Beijing experienced an increase in traffic, tens of millions of people in the Hubei province were told to stay home, as the province is currently under lockdown since it is at the center of the outbreak.

The Chinese government has so far built two new hospitals in Wuhan to specifically deal with the overflow of virus patients. Thousands of health care workers, including doctors and nurses, have also been dispatched to the city to assist with the situation.

Main Image Credit: Natural News

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