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Chinese Factory Worker Caught Intentionally Contaminating Face Masks Meant For Export

As the number of global COVID-19 infections nears one million, a factory worker in China was recently filmed rubbing his shoes on newly manufactured surgical face masks that were allegedly bound for export.

Social media user Harry Chen PhD shared the disgusting act on Twitter, asking if the masks shown in the video were going to be exported to other countries and if we can “trust China to do the west’s manufacturing”:

Backup video link

Taiwan News reports:

The video was uploaded at 10:14 a.m. Monday morning by a Chinese coronavirus vlogger from Wuhan who goes by the pseudonym Harry Chen PhD. Before being suspended by Twitter in late February, Chen’s Twitter account had gained 35,000 followers for his frequent insider videos of the outbreak in Wuhan and CCP abuses.

Chen later created a new account through which he has defiantly continued to post videos his trusted sources in China sent him through encrypted channels. Chen told Taiwan News that the video had been filmed on Monday by workers in a factory converted to produce surgical face masks.

UPDATE: Below is a video compilation put together by The Red Elephants that shows a number of people intentionally trying to spread their germs and maybe even the coronavirus itself –

Main Image Credit: Twitter / Taiwan News

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