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Buying Seeds Now Prohibited In Michigan — But Booze, Pot, Lottery Tickets OK

Source: DISRN

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s latest stay-at-home order is being blasted for lack of consistency and seemingly arbitrary rules regarding what can be purchased and what cannot.

Under the new mandate:

  • Residents are prohibited from traveling between homes — even one’s own second home.
  • In the state famous for its Great Lakes and more than 11,000 inland lakes, operating motor boats or jet-skis, even by oneself, has been outlawed — though boats without motors are still allowed on lakes.
  • Buying seeds in a store to grown one’s own food, or paint for home repairs, is illegal — but Michiganders can still legally purchase alcohol, marijuana, and lottery tickets, which have been deemed “essential.”

A resident tweeted pictures from a Michigan Walmart Friday showing the seed section roped off with yellow tape, barring shoppers from purchasing them:

Michigan Governor Bans Seeds 1

Michigan Governor Bans Seeds 2

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Image Credits: Fox 17, DISRN, Twitter