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“So It Was A Hoax?” – Fox News’ John Roberts Caught On Hot Mic Discussing COVID-19 Mortality Rate With Technician

Source: The Gateway Pundit

Fox News reporter John Roberts was caught on a hot mic in the White House briefing room discussing the Coronavirus mortality rate.

John Roberts walked into the press briefing room and told a technician to take off his mask because according to a recent California study, the mortality rate for the Coronavirus is only 0.1% to 0.3%.

“Everyone here’s been vaccinated anyway,” the technician said.

“USC and LA public county health came out with a study that found that there’s 7,000 cases in Southern California but they really believe that there are between 221,000 – to 441,000 people who are infected,” John Roberts said to the technician.

The technician was surprised to hear the truth about the low mortality rate: “So it was a hoax?”

“No, I don’t believe it was a hoax,” Roberts said.


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Main Image Credit: Twitter