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Is This Proof North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Has Died?

New information about North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un’s noticeable absence is currently making the rounds on social media.

Earlier this week, CNN reported the reclusive communist leader was possibly in “grave danger” after undergoing surgery, citing an unnamed US official who had “direct knowledge of the matter.” The report’s accuracy has since been questioned – even by President Trump, who was asked about it during yesterday’s White House press briefing.

On Friday, Twitter account ‘Taepodong‘ posted a short thread speculating whether a prominent Chinese media figure’s recent message about Kim Jong-un’s fate held any truth:

“This gets more interesting. Beijing-backed HK satellite TV general channel’s vice director, also niece of a Chinese foreign minister, claimed [Kim Jong-un] passed away and bragged about her very solid source. She has over 15 million followers on Weibo.”

Two pictures were shared along with the tweet. One appeared to be the woman’s message about the North Korean leader and the other a screenshot of her social media profile.

We broke down the message into three parts and tried to translate each one using Yandex, but it is still a bit difficult to decipher.

Here is the first part:

Qin! Chinese To English Part 1
Click to enlarge


Qin! Chinese To English 2

And third:

Qin! Chinese To English 3

Here is Google’s translation of the third part (which appears to be the most important):

Qin! Google Chinese To English 3

Taepodong continued their thread:

One person asked if the information provided was valid. The OP responded by saying, “It’s for you to decide.”

UPDATE: It appears the hashtag #KIMJONGUNDEAD is now trending (as of 2:20am PT on 4/25/20) –

Main Image Credit: The Dallas Morning News

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