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FLASHBACK: Bill Gates Smiles, Laughs, Jumps Up & Down In His Seat During CNN Interview About Vaccinating Over 7 Billion People

Self-proclaimed vaccine guru Bill Gates appeared on CNN last month with host Fareed Zakaria to share his ‘immense knowledge’ about epidemiology and to discuss when we could expect to see a vaccine for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In the 5+ minute-long interview, Gates repeatedly appeared euphoric while talking about a vaccine for COVID-19 – a disease that has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and devastated countless families.

Watch a brief clip below of Zakaria asking Gates about his foundation’s coronavirus vaccine research (source timestamp 3:40) –

As you can see, midway through the question, Gates began to act strangely and broke out into an uncontrollable laugh while breathing heavily and looking around nervously. His mannerisms appeared almost child-like; or perhaps he was on some sort of drug (legal or otherwise).

This odd behavior continued throughout the whole interview and is one of the best examples that Gates, who has allegedly announced his desire to depopulate the Earth, may not be the best fit for a global-wide vaccine development program.

Earlier in the interview, Gates specifically talks about “extreme social isolation measures” and getting the “reproductive rate below one” to curb the number of active infections. Again, he can be seen smiling in an almost cartoonish-like manner (timestamp 0:35):

So, what do you think: Should we really be putting our trust in Bill Gates when it comes to developing a coronavirus vaccine? Are his intentions truly in the best interest of humanity?

Let us know by leaving a comment.

Watch the full interview here.

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Video Credit: CNN

Main Image Credit: FansShare

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