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How Betting Sites May Help Bitcoin Go Mainstream In 2020

Crypto currencies have captivated online punters ever since they came along. Online casinos and
bookmakers were happy to embrace digital money and they were among the first businesses to accept
these transactions. Bitcoin is the most popular crypto currency, but there are dozens of other altcoins that
can be used to load an account and bet on sports. Even though they have lost a lot of traction over the last
couple of years, they are still popular among gamblers and their fortunes could change in 2020.

Privacy is more important than ever

One of the main arguments in favor of choosing crypto currencies for gambling was enhanced privacy.
Sports betting and mobile casino sites like were quick to highlight the advantages of
depositing and betting in digital money, as opposed to fiat currency. This form of gambling is more
private and it benefits those who want to keep their online gaming activities confidential. Investors might
have lost interest in a fading asset after the plunge in Bitcoin prices, but privacy is cherished just as much
today as it was a few years ago.

Legitimate online casinos strive to secure the licenses needed to operate lawfully in the countries of
interest. Unfortunately, there are many places where the gambling industry is either unregulated or the
restrictions are crushing. For players who reside in these countries, depositing and betting in Bitcoin is the
ultimate solution. It allows them to maintain a high level of privacy, without compromising on security,
since crypto currency transactions are encrypted and totally safe.

The irresistible appeal of provably fair games

One of the main concerns of online gamblers has always been the security of the casino and the fairness
of the games available. Relying on algorithms to determine the outcome of the game has always been a
tough sell, as players were concerned that casinos might bend the rules. Independent auditors monitor the
games for fairness, but once again, players have to rely on a third party. This is where provably fair games
kick in, as they allow players to check themselves if the random number generator is truly unpredictable.

Bitcoin casinos and other gambling operators that rely on crypto currency deposits and transactions are
the only ones that offer provably fair games. As players can verify the manner in which the outcome is
determined, they can see with their own eyes if the games are fair. This is the ultimate incentive to make a
deposit and switch from virtual currency to real money gambling. It is customary among crypto currency
casinos to offer provably fair games, so they are easy to find online.

The economical crisis prompted by the coronavirus pandemics can hurt economies and have a negative
effect on many currencies. These can bring Bitcoin back into the spotlight, as players are more likely to
give crypto currencies a chance. Betting sites are expected to take advantage of this shift in priorities and
help Bitcoin go mainstream in 2020.