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DNC Whistleblower: Joe Biden Will NOT Be The Democratic Nominee

On Saturday, an alleged whistleblower who works “in a job closely tied to the DNC but not directly for them” took to an anonymous forum and shared some information related to 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s electability:

“Biden is not the real candidate. [The] DNC is doing all they can to try and get up to Trump’s level; they believe that if they hide the real nominee until the last possible minute, it will frustrate Trump’s efforts to beat them,” the alleged whistleblower stated.

“Biden realized it’s just a matter of time until all the crooked sh*t he did catches up to him, so he struck a deal with the DNC: they drop the primaries and promote him as their guy until the convention. In return for being a decoy, they will make his criminal problems go away and pay him enough to retire.

“Right before the convention, Biden is going to drop out of the race citing ‘health concerns.’ It’ll be heavily implied by the media and his campaign that he has Alzheimer’s or dementia, but no one will confirm anything. At the convention, they plan to unveil their real candidate, who is already working behind the scenes building a campaign base.”

The DNC worker then went on to post more details about not only Biden, but other big Democratic players as well:

“I’ll add some more tidbits:

  • “Hillary Clinton will never hold office again. They don’t want her to run and she doesn’t want to go through it all again. The reason she keeps popping up is that she’s shaking down the DNC for money to make her go away. Every time they tell her no more, she pops up on TV hinting she might run and they flip out and send her a check.
  • “Biden is also playing up the dementia angle in case Trump wins and decides to try prosecuting him. They’ll claim he’s too mentally gone to assist in his own defense, hoping that Trump will just drop it rather than be seen going after a poor confused old man.
  • “Internally, the DNC is still very much at war. There’s two main factions struggling for control. So far they’ve been careful not to let it spill out too much publicly because both sides know if it does, Trump will have a field day with it.
  • “Bernie Sanders ran this year with full DNC permission. They needed him to keep the Bernie Bros busy while they figured out a plan. He made the same deal as last election – he pulls out and backs their horse and they let him keep all that Reddit cash.”

According to “all the chatter” the whistleblower has been hearing, Michelle Obama may be a prime contender:

“She seems perfect – educated, capable, hits a few diversity quotas, etc. They haven’t decided for sure yet … the other side knows if they go with a ‘woke’ candidate, it’ll guarantee Trump’s win. It feels like the old guard still has enough pull to keep these SJW[s] in line, but barely…”

Read the full thread here (Warning: contains some NSFW content)

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