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Did A NBC News Reporter Compliment Minneapolis Rioters After They Maliciously Set Fire To A Building?

On Thursday evening, a reporter for NBC News who has been covering the ongoing riots in Minnesota was recorded allegedly saying something egregious to protesters/rioters while a nearby business was consumed in flames.

During the YouTube livestream, the reporter was told to relocate away from the building for safety reasons. After moving a few yards, the reporter was caught saying to the people around him: “Nice job. You guys are all killing it.”

Was he actually talking to the perpetrators who set the building on fire or his crew members/security team?

Another person (crew member?) can also be heard saying “very nicely done” and “you guys are rockin’, man.”

Watch below:

NBC News and other mainstream media outlets continue to label the riots that are occurring in Minnesota as “protests.”

Watch the full video here

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Image and Video Credits: NBC News, YouTube

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