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Is George Soros Funding The Riots Taking Place In America?

The following information was taken from a lengthy online forum post (unknown date & time). The author describes a movement called ‘Democracy Spring’ which is supposedly a domestic version of a colour revolution. (Note: Some of the text has been altered for spelling, grammar and context to reflect current events).

As many of you have suspected, the current push for a “Democracy Spring” is funded directly by George Soros [1] in an extreme act of escalation against Trump and US democracy. The name sounds suspiciously close to “Arab Spring,” but let’s put that one to the side for a moment.

What the hell is a “Democracy Spring?” Well, their stated objective is to “take out dark money from the political process.” Surely that’s agreeable isn’t it? Isn’t that what Trump is doing by self-funding? Looks deceive of course. They themselves are funded by George Soros’ “dark money.” How can they possibly stand against it? Besides, when nominees are down to two viable people per party, why is this necessary at all? The answer is it isn’t necessary and they don’t really believe in what they demand, but by mirroring Trump, they achieve invulnerability against any attacks by Trump, or any other clever maneuver.

This is about two simple scenarios involving so-called “protests”:

  1. Trump condemns the group for trying to disrupt US democracy.
  2. Trump hails them for taking up such a worthy cause.

If Trump commits to action 1, the group will point to its fake objective and declare Trump the real target of it; his opposition proving that he is scared of whatever vague proposition they are putting forward. Furthermore, it would be the best case scenario because it would put them against Trump directly which is important for later. If Trump commits to action 2, he loses his main base for supporting what is obviously a leftist “protest” aimed to disrupt the democratic process, however flawed it is. In any case, they will still declare him the target of their protest and reject his praise, damaging his credibility.

In most likelihood, he will choose to ignore it and attack George Soros indirectly. But unfortunately, that’s not going to be enough because that’s not the worst case scenario. George Soros is a specialist in “colour revolutions” [2] and so it is instructive to briefly explain how they work in order to relate it to the most likely strategy that is going to be played out against Trump.

Colour revolutions target foreign governments with a political establishment that is not compliant with globalist wishes and they are started in the following steps:

  1. “Protestors” are trained (and paid) under the guise of non-violent action/civil disobedience.
  2. A protest is held with a small contingency that is wildly inflated by the press with constant coverage and a lot of “breaking news” micro-details to get everyone sympathizing with said protestors.
  3. Tragedy strikes. The sitting government, for no obvious reason, is said to have just shot dead one or more of the “peaceful protestors.” The media goes wild, 24/7 international news coverage on every channel. Social media explodes with carefully prepared accounts, hashtags and narratives.
  4. Protests grow as useful idiots join the crowds calling for the government to step down over the violence it has committed. The media amplifies this and implies the entire country is out on the streets.
  5. The state department, or even the country’s leader, calls for sitting government to step down as it has “lost legitimacy.”
  6. The jackals are released – these are the people intended to finish things off. They are armed, heavily funded and well trained. Mixing themselves within the crowds, they fire at law enforcement officers in the hope they fire back. If they don’t fire back, all the better. They escalate by firing at the crowds from a distance, then blaming the government again. In fact, the jackals themselves had fired on the first few protestors that were killed. But this can never be proven. It’s just accepted as fact with no proof that the government was behind it! The media wouldn’t lie after all!
  7. The jackals finally reach the government buildings, bringing with them hand picked “new government officials” and stage a violent coup. If the government decides to crack down beforehand, this stage can be delayed or avoided but other forms of pressure are applied (sanctions, UN no-fly zones, arming “moderate terrorists”) until the point where the governing power and perhaps even military is no longer viable.

Now, is this what George Soros is planning, another Arab Spring, in Washington, D.C.? Of course not. They already control Washington, D.C. What they want to do is keep Trump, a man they have no strings attached to, from taking that control from them. It would take him very little time to reverse all the globalist policies they fought tooth and nail for. Thus, this ultimate fourth generation warfare strategy is being repurposed to target Trump in reverse. What follows is a “reverse Arab Spring” strategy, to be unveiled for the first time.

“Protestors” are indeed being trained for two weeks under the guise of non-violent action [3]. Now, let’s revisit this premise for a second. What exactly are they going to be “taught?” Protocols. Action plans. For example, “what do you do if a law enforcement officer fires on you,” or “what do you do if an outside party fires on or attacks you?” This has to be carefully programmed in each of these useful zombies to make sure there is at least some predictability about the chaos that will ensue soon.

  1. A protest will be held in the United States capitol against an injustice of sorts, but not against the sitting government. The media, of course, will imply it is an anti-Trump protest even if the protestors themselves do not.
  2. Tragedy strikes. One or more of the protestors are shot by armed assailants or law enforcement officers. Trump is instantly blamed as it is implied he has the most to benefit from dispersing the crowd. Thanks to their training though, they do not disperse. The media covers the dead protestor from multiple angles. 24/7 coverage is given to his life and history, his wailing mother and family.
  3. Protests grow as the leftists resolve to condemn Trump once and for all. Trump is blamed for inciting violence from policemen or “right wing death squads.” The media pressure builds up and Trump supporters begin to get attacked and even killed in “reprisal attacks.” Trump’s supposed call for riots is brought up as justification for people to pre-empt them. Social media explodes with carefully prepared accounts, hashtags and narratives. Twitter, Facebook and other social media companies enact soft-censorship to leave people with only one side of the story. YouTube censors videos that contradict the official story. 4chan and other forums are DDoSed by “Anonymous” who had already declared war on Trump.
  4. Leaders all around the world, the Pope, Merkel, you name it, come out condemning Trump for his “followers’ violent actions against peaceful protestors” and call for his “violent followers” to be restrained… Trump is condemned as a tyrant and the GOP is pressured to impeach or disqualify Trump’s re-electability over “violent actions that have no place in democracy.”
  5. The jackals are released and start killing protestors in what the media portrays as revenge strikes, mixing themselves in the crowds they fire at police officers. Martial law is declared and the “ring leaders” of “Trump’s movement” are rounded up.
  6. With Trump no longer allowed to run for reelection and his support base either placed in check or fearful of speaking out after prominent leaders are taken down, the DNC nominee is assured victory in November. The United States is then effectively absorbed into a single world government (New World Order) that has been in the works for a century.


[3] (2015 archive link, 2016 archive link)

View the source

UPDATE #1: We cannot confirm the authenticity of the following documents, but reports indicate they were allegedly distributed in 2015 by a group called ‘Friends of Democracy,’ a political action committee founded by Jonathan Soros.

Are these exact same tactics being used to disrupt the 2020 election? (Source: Facebook)

Friends of Democracy 1

Friends of Democracy 6

Friends of Democracy 7

Friends of Democracy 4


Friends of Democracy 5

Friends of Democracy 2

Friends of Democracy 3

Note: If you happen to have access to the full 26-page manual, please email us at Your identity will not be revealed (unless requested) and any other information will remain confidential.

UPDATE #2: A now-deleted tweet from May 30th revealed a “very odd pallet of bricks” was placed near an ongoing riot in Minneapolis –

Pallet Of Bricks Minneapolis Riot

UPDATE #3: The following video shows some suspicious looking characters loitering near a few burning cars and buildings (Warning: vulgar language) –


Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop.

We found this, and many other videos, in a forum thread titled ‘Reminder: I have you on video.’

This comes just a couple hours after President Donald Trump declared that ANTIFA will be designated as a terrorist organization –


From Politico

Soros pumps more than $28 million into Democratic groups for 2020

The Atlantic (a 1997 article actually authored by Soros himself) –

The Capitalist Threat

Influence Watch

Open Society Foundations – Parent Organization: Soros Network


UPDATE #5: Is the following flyer real or fake? We’ll let you be the judge of that (Source: Facebook) –

Get Paid To Be A Professional Anarchist Open Society Foundations

UPDATE #6: Here is another social media post showing stacks of bricks laying around a Dallas city street. Were they put there for rioters? (Source)

Bricks In NYC

UPDATE #7: Just more conveniently placed bricks…

UPDATE #8: In January, George Soros said the following about President Trump at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland –

“Trump’s economic team has managed to overheat an already buoyant economy.

“The stock market, already celebrating Trump’s military success, is breaking out to reach new heights. But an overheated economy can’t be kept boiling for too long. If all this had happened closer to the elections, it would have assured his reelection.

“His problem is that the elections are still 10 months away, and in a revolutionary situation, that is a lifetime.”

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