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Is A Quiet Military Coup Underway? These New Unclassified Letters Seem To Suggest So

Numerous letters from military brass are currently making the rounds online.

Correspondence from generals, high-ranking enlisted personnel and even a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were allegedly distributed to troops within the past couple of days.

While the intentions of these letters seem noble, there are subtle undertones of sympathy towards protesters and even demonstrators-turned-rioters; for more than a week now, groups of so-called “peaceful protesters” have been seen transforming into violent mobs at the drop of a hat.

The result, which has oftentimes gone unreported by the mainstream media, is total anarchy and chaos, resulting in injuries, deaths and loss of property.

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The first letter, shared by Twitter user @waltshaub, is from U.S. Army General Mark A. Milley:

The second was shared by Air Force General Joseph Lengyel, the 28th Chief of the National Guard Bureau:

And finally, a letter from two U.S. Navy Fleet and Command Master Chiefs:

Department Of The Navy Sixth Fleet Europe-Africa Letter
Click to enlarge (Source)

Do you see a pattern here?

Although injustice of any kind is unacceptable in a functioning civilized society – and the president has vehemently expressed that – seeing our military leaders using common leftist buzzwords, like “diversity,” “inclusion,” “empowerment,” “intolerance” and more, while addressing their subordinates gives the impression that they are not only overly sympathetic to whatever “cause” this whole movement has turned into (i.e. mostly disruption, violence and destruction), it also hints at possible future disobedience.

If the looting, arson and attacks on police and other officials continue to ramp up, and tough decisions need to be made to avoid a legitimate rebellion or civil war within the United States, who will these top brass side with?

Will they obey the Commander-in-chief? Or will they kowtow to the anarchists and domestic terrorists, under the guise of “justice” for an African-American man who tragically lost his life at the hands of a few bad apples?

UPDATE: Red Dawn Alert! Violent Communist Revolution Sweeping USA Cities And Towns

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Main Image Credit: Modern War Institute – West Point

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