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Newly Released HD Footage Shows Tanker Truck Did NOT Drive Through Protesters On Minneapolis Freeway

Clear high-definition video released yesterday by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) shows, in detail, the moment a tanker truck drove near a large crowd on Interstate 35 (I-35W) in Minneapolis.

Previous reports from countless news sources ran with dubious headlines such as ‘Tanker truck swarmed after driving into protesters on 35W in Minneapolis,’ ‘Semi truck driver who barreled through I-35W George Floyd protest arrested’ and ‘Tanker Truck Speeds Into Thousands of George Floyd Protesters on Minneapolis Bridge’:

Tanker Truck I-35 Minneapolis MN George Floyd Protest Riot Headlines
Click to enlarge (Credit: Google)

Watch the exact moment the truck quickly approaches the protesters (on a freeway), and then immediately slows down and turns to avoid running over at least one demonstrator (timestamp 14:35):

Shortly afterward, the unruly crowd attacked the truck:

Tanker Truck I-35 Minneapolis Crowd

H/T: anon zyBvtb4H

Image and Video Credits: Minnesota Department of Transportation, YouTube, KCTV5

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