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Black Lives Matter Plans Armed ‘Peace Officers’ In War On Police

Source: The Gateway Pundit

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is pushing a movement to “defund the police” — the group reportedly plans to develop an armed branch of “peace officers” to patrol cities.

BLM New York chapter Chairman Hawk Newsome said the group hopes to imitate the Black Panthers Party, the Daily Mail reported.

“We prepare to stop these murders by any means necessary,” Newsome said, echoing a call to violence first uttered by Malcolm X.

“We’re talking about self-defense. We’re talking about defending our communities,” Newsome said. “You know what it’s like to see a taser pointed at a 7-year-old, you know what it’s like to see a 67-year-old black woman … pepper sprayed and pushed to the ground?”

“We are preparing and training our people to defend our communities.”

Newsome said he attended a conference in Los Angeles in which BLM officials laid out a plan called “Black Opts.” “We have black Special Forces officers advising us, and we will teach and train people in our communities, the Black Opts department of Black Opportunities,” Newsome said.

“We pattern ourselves after the Black Panthers, after the Nation of Islam, we believe that we need an arm to defend ourselves,” Newsome said. “We will build and train peace officers to keep the peace in our communities, to defend our communities, to keep our communities safe.”

“When we start talking about black opportunities and building our war chest to defend ourselves from the war on the poor. .. to defend ourselves against the war that is anti-blackness in America, then people will have to meet a certain criteria.”

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