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Senate To Reveal “Devastating” Details Regarding Joe Biden’s Unethical Dealings In Ukraine

Just days before the first scheduled presidential debate of 2020, the Republican-dominated U.S. Senate will reportedly release its full investigation on Joe Biden’s quid pro quo deal involving Burisma Group, the Ukranian energy company where his son, Hunter, once served on the board of directors and raked in millions.

Twitter user Paul Sperry called it a “pre-debate surprise” and hinted the report would be available soon:

If you are not familiar with the alleged Biden-Ukraine scandal, here is a quick summary of the events that transpired (source):

  • Hunter Biden was hired by a company called Burisma.
  • This is common among the political elite.
  • They give their children luxurious positions in out-of-state companies.
  • Hunter was given a top position where he eventually made millions.
  • Hunter never worked in this field as he was beyond under qualified for the position.
  • Under the Obama Administration, Biden called the Ukrainian president and told him to fire the attorney looking into Burisma.
  • Biden then said that if the Ukrainian president didn’t fire the attorney, they would withhold billions of dollars from the country in aid.
  • Attorney was fired and Joe bragged about it.
  • Trump baited the Left through Vindman and other Deep State leakers in the now famous UKRAINEGATE, which yielded nothing.
  • President Trump was IMPEACHED for someone CLAIMING that Trump was going to withhold aid from Ukraine in what the Left called “quid pro quo.”
  • There was no quid pro quo from Trump.
  • The impeachment failed as there was factually zero evidence produced that Trump ever did anything illegal.
  • Trump was impeached by the Left over something Joe did and bragged about on tape.
  • Trump wasn’t guilty, but he 5D chess’d the world and forced the Left to say what Trump theoretically did, but Biden actually did, was illegal.
  • And now… IT COMES OUT!
  • Video of Joe bragging about quid pro quo (once again, what Trump was falsely accused of and impeached over):

One forum user who heard about the Senate report provided some additional insight on how corrupt politicians tend to operate:

“Biden is running a pattern from the totalitarian playbook: accuse your rival of what you are doing. The impeachment of Trump was designed to protect Biden… it was undertaken in bad faith. In other words, the investigation was launched IN ORDER to cover up crimes. This is what happens when you let crooks have access to the authority to initiate investigations.”

Response To Biden Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Deal 4chan
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UPDATE #1: A user on Bitchute recently posted a video titled ‘7 1/2 Minutes Of The Biden – Ukraine Leaked Phone Call.’ See below –

Backup link



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Main Image Credit: AP Photo / Alex Brandon

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