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United Nations Targets Trump, Recruits “Champions Of Human Rights” From China, North Korea, Iran And Other Countries To Investigate U.S.

If you don’t believe there are extreme levels of gaslighting occurring right now, this might open your eyes.

A verified United Nations-related Twitter account recently announced the U.S. record on human rights is now being investigated by countries such as China, North Korea, Iran and Cuba:

“Happening now: We are live tweeting as Flag of United States the U.S. record on human rights is now being reviewed at the U.N.’s Human Rights Council by Cuba, Belarus, North Korea, Syria, Iran, China & other champions of human rights.”

Archive link of tweet

The ‘UN Watch’ account has disabled comments on their tweet.

According to Hillel Neuer, a lawyer and human right activist, China—which herded 1 million Muslims into camps to kill their religion & culture—asks: “What measures has U.S. taken to eliminate systematic racism, racial discrimination, white supremacy, religious intolerance and xenophobia?”

The level of hypocrisy is off the charts!

This is no doubt in response to President Trump challenging the 2020 election results; globalists (UN), the mainstream news media, big tech and other elitists are pulling out all the stops to make the American public believe Joe Biden was legitimately elected as the 46th president of the United States.

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