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WHISTLEBLOWER: Dominion Contractor Reveals How Unsecured USB Flash Drives Could Have Caused Election Fraud On Massive Scale

A video posted on YouTube today by account ESupload shows a Dominion Voting Systems contractor sharing his knowledge about how bad actors may have taken advantage of mail-in voting this election cycle to commit fraud on a massive scale.

The contractor explains how there was a potential for a “huge vulnerability” caused by unsecured rogue USB flash drives (scroll down to watch the full video).

“All the ballots that come out of the machines when they are made are digital PDF files,” explained the man who is seen wearing an ‘Election Source’ t-shirt.

“They are unsecured. There is no chain of custody when it comes to them and what I mean by that is when they are created on the county’s software – the EMS software – they are sent out to the printer, they are sent out to our company; as a company that needs to create tests for the machines. It’s just a logical fact that we need that ballot in order to create those tests.

“Back before we did mass mail-in voting, nobody thought twice about shipping those digital ballots to the appropriate sources. Nobody really felt like there needed to be a secure chain of command because what are you gonna do with the digital ballot?

“Every precinct gets an allotment of ballots on election day and people come in and they vote in person and there’s a certain amount of red registered absentee voters and it’s miniscule. But the problem is the way we very sloppily handled mass mail out voting. We just kind of sent them around and there wasn’t a whole lot of accurate tracking as to where those ballots were going, and who was receiving them and who was sending them back in.”

Watch below:

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UPDATE: Dominion contractor drops HUGE testimony in front of MI senate committee on oversight –

Image and Video Credits: YouTube, Twitter