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President Trump Reportedly Deploys US Marines To DC

Originally published on Redpilled Media

Late yesterday, Washington Post reporter Jabin Botsford broke the news on Twitter that MyPillow CEO and founder Mike Lindell met with President Trump at the White House to discuss plans for Martial Law.

The media was on edge all day about it.

Right below the call for martial law in his notes, there is a mysterious two-line long blacked out section.

No one knows what it’s about.

Mike Lindell White House Notes

Hours after Mike Lindell left the White House, Trump supporters on social media reported seeing US Marine Corps helicopters over the area and landing near the White House.

This proves that the military is still behind President Trump even if some around the president are actively sabotaging him.

Thomas Wictor USMC Osprey Trump To Be Inaugurated

So who called in the Marines?

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has said unequivocally that she does not want any federal law enforcement entering the city for the inauguration, and that she demands to be consulted before any troops are deployed.

This clearly didn’t happen.

Mayor Muriel Bowser DC Not Requesting Feds

An outlet called ‘Real Raw News’ ran an unverified claim positing that the Marine Corps rebuked Nancy Pelosi’s orders to stand down.

Snopes quickly reported that Pelosi’s office never made such a demand.

So neither the mayor of DC nor the US Congress called in the US Marine Corps.

That leaves one man left.

Mike Lindell And President Trump

Now it’s beginning to make sense why virtually every single street in Washington DC is completely shut down.

Something big is about to happen.

And now it makes sense why the usually prolific USMC Twitter account hasn’t tweeted for weeks and has gone completely dark.

USMC Commandant Account Goes Dark Before Inauguration Day


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UPDATE: TikTok user @richardjournalist reportedly filmed a V-22 Osprey flying low over the Capitol on Saturday –

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