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America’s First Proxy President? Trump Rumored To Have Negotiated Deal With Deep State To Remain In Power “Behind The Scenes” After Jan 20

In an online thread discussing First Lady Melania Trump’s farewell video, one user who may have insider knowledge of the ongoings in Washington, DC suggested President Donald Trump will remain in power even after Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th POTUS.

“Trump has negotiated a deal with the deep state after all of them were arrested over the weekend,” stated the anonymous user.

“Their lives will be spared and they’ll carry out their terms as normal, however, any bill, law, or executive order that is passed over the next 4 years will have been Trump’s doing behind the scenes. He is in complete control of them and they’re just there to do his bidding.

“Being an incredibly selfless individual, he might act like he doesn’t like the administration to keep up the charade, but rest assured he is still the President operating by proxy.”

Trump Still Making Decisions Operating By Proxy After Biden Inauguration
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If true, Trump will remain as relevant as ever on the political scene.

After all, former President Obama reportedly opened a secret office in the nation’s capitol shortly after the 2016 election:

Barack Obama’s big mansion in Washington, D.C. is where he is conducting his war on President Donald Trump, so what is going on in his West End offices? Obama leased a large space of offices back in December, but until now, no one knew exactly what is going on there. Now, Obama’s sick secret has been busted wide open, and what he is hiding in those offices proves his treasonous plans are real.

Obama stayed in Washington, D.C., something no other modern former president has done, and the liberals scoffed when conservative pundits alleged he was up to no good.

Why does he have expensive offices in Washington, D.C., which are just a 20-minute walk to the White House? Well, a tidbit in the Huffington Post, along with Trump’s keen senses, have uncovered Obama’s twelve man team of spies working right out of his West End offices.

On the other hand, this could all be an excuse for those suffering from TDS to continue to blame Trump if the U.S. goes further downhill in the coming years (with respect to COVID, the economy, geopolitics, etc.).

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