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Digital Vaccine Passports And Other Credentials May Soon Be Required For Traveling, Access To Basic Services + More

On Monday, Twitter user @HegKong posted a lengthy thread detailing a new initiative by big tech, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and others to require the general population to possess special vaccine-related credentials if they want to participate in society.

“Digital Vaccine passports are feverishly being developed by a group of big tech companies, the World Economic Forum, and the Rockefeller Foundation aimed at making vaccination status a prerequisite for travel and access to basic services.”

@HegKong then linked to a number of websites, including a article titled ‘Broad Coalition of Health and Technology Industry Leaders Announce Vaccination Credential Initiative to Accelerate Digital Access to COVID-19 Vaccination Records’:

-The Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) is working to enable individuals vaccinated for COVID-19 to access their vaccination records in a secure, verifiable and privacy-preserving way.
-Coalition partners include CARIN Alliance, Cerner, Change Healthcare, The Commons Project Foundation, Epic, Evernorth, Mayo Clinic, Microsoft, MITRE, Oracle, Safe Health, and Salesforce.
-The coalition is developing a standard model for organizations administering COVID-19 vaccines to make credentials available in an accessible, interoperable, digital format.
-Trustworthy, traceable, verifiable, and universally recognized digital record of vaccination status is urgently needed worldwide to safely enable people to return to work, school, events, and travel.

Other links:

Continuing from his thread:

While we all agree that society and the economy must be reopened immediately, the powers that be [are] intent on building a system in which only the vaccinated will be allowed to re-engage in society.

Let me tell you why this is wrong and dangerous:

If you only allow the vaccinated to re-engage in society, you are effectively coercing people into taking the vaccine through extortion, because if only the vaccinated can have their freedom back, you leave people with no choice but to vaccinate.

The bedrock of medical ethics is the principle of informed and voluntary consent with regard to medical treatments.

The World Medical Association (WMA) Int. Code of Medical Ethics states: “A physician shall: respect a competent patient’s right to accept or refuse treatment.”

Decisions about medical treatments like vaccination must always be based on the principle of voluntary consent and must not be coerced. There must not be any conditions attached.

According to Article 6 of The UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights, you have the right to say ‘NO’ to vaccination without retribution. It states: “The consent should, where appropriate, be expressed and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.”

The choice to vaccinate is no longer voluntary because there are threats of retributions (restrictions to liberty), such as limiting your human right to travel and freedom of movement if you don’t vaccinate.

Coerced consent is not consent.

The consent to vaccinate is not voluntary if refusing it your freedoms are limited as punishment.

This is medical extortion and tyranny.

“Vaccinate or lose your right to travel.”

“Vaccinate or you will be excluded from society.”

What kind of choice is this?

The very idea of a Vaccine Passport and the requirement of vaccination for traveling is a dangerous concept with chilling parallels to the late 1930s Germany and the branding of Jew with yellow star badges restricting their movements and excluding them from areas/shops.

Like the badges for the Jews, the Passport serves to divide people into two distinct groups; The vaccinated and the unvaccinated and mark the latter as outsiders. The non (science) believers and the ‘anti-vaxxers.’

This is discrimination of the highest order resulting in a two-tier society in which people are discriminated against based on their medical records. A segregation of people into second class citizens who can’t travel and who become ostracized from society.

The vaccine passports create a new distinction between individuals based on their health status and pose high risks in terms of social cohesion, discrimination, exclusion, and marginalization.

The resulting two-tier society in which some of us have access to freedoms and support while others are shut out and blocked from essential public service, work, and housing is frightening. Bureaucrats determining the degree of freedoms and rights we may enjoy.

The Covid passport is meant to allow those who have taken the Covid shot greater freedoms than those who have not, but the vaccine passports make no sense if the Covid vaccine does not stop you from spreading the virus.

At present, we do not know if the vaccines stop people from carrying and transmitting the virus.

If none of the vaccines prevent transmission, then the whole notion of vaccine passports makes no sense.

This point has been acknowledged by the WHO recently claiming to be against vaccine passports as a condition for travel ‘for the time being’: “There are still too many fundamental unknowns in terms of the effectiveness of vaccines in reducing (virus) transmission.”

Coronavirus: WHO against vaccine passports ‘for the time being’

The vaccine passport at the end of the day is a tactic to extort people into vaccinating and they are using your freedoms as a bargaining tool, in a game where they will only be returned in exchange for vaccinating.

Where does it stop? The vaccine passport system has been designed in response to Covid, but which other vaccines could become a requirement to engage in society?

When will your freedoms again be used as a bargaining tool to make you accept other vaccines? Once the system is in place, vaccine after vaccine could be added to the list of requirements to travel.

Personally, if a negative Covid test was a requirement for travel that would be an acceptable compromise that I would not object to.

My last point is conditional on a more reliable and less invasive test becoming available.

Main Image Credit: Health Magazine