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UN Secretary General Calls For ‘One Global Economy, One Internet’ And ‘One Set Of Rules Based On International Law’

On Friday, CNN’s Becky Anderson interviewed United Nations Secretary General António Guterres and discussed how “vaccine inequality is a risk to the global recovery from the coronavirus pandemic” as well as the UN’s future plans on how they will handle other crises, such as the ongoing coup in Myanmar.

At around the the 4:50 mark, Anderson asked the secretary general about a possible new “cold war” between the United States and China.

Guterres took the opportunity to promote radical New World Order ideologies such as the need for “one global economy, one internet” and “one set of rules based on international law.”

Watch the full interview below:

Partial transcript:

Becky Anderson: You used your speech at Davos to warn of the danger that the world will face if China and America enter into a new cold war. Some would say that that sounds alarmist. Is this a distant warning, or do you believe we are closer to this great fracture than people realize?

António Guterres: I think the risk is there. It is obvious in relation to what has happened in the recent past, and my appeal is for the countries to be able to separate things.

There are areas where inevitably there are completely different perspectives where the two countries will oppose; human rights is an example of that. But there are areas where I believe the two countries clearly have common interests and to a large extent a compatible strategy. Climate change is the most clear example of this and the cooperation between China and climate change was vital to have the Paris Agreement and will be vital now if we want to make a global coalition for net zero in the middle of the century.

And then there are the areas in which you might have cooperation or you might have confrontation; lately trade, intellectual property, to the questions of technology, cyber security, artificial intelligence.

And those are questions in which I believe serious negotiations need to take place between namely China and the United States and other Western countries in order to be able to overcome their differences and to understand that in this we need one global economy, one Internet, one set of rules based on international law and that we can, with that, create the conditions for the world to be able to come out of this COVID-19 pandemic economic impact and for humanity to be able to defeat climate change and to have a more equitable global economy in which less inequality prevails and in which more cohesion will be possible.

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Image Credit: YouTube, CNN