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Kamala Harris To Biden: “This Is Your Last Month As President, Joe”

An alleged ‘Senior Janitor’ who works at the White House posted an online confession on Friday explaining how they overheard Kamala Harris tell President Joe Biden this is his “last month” in office.

“Senior White House Janitor here,” the whistleblower said in their post. “I’m usually responsible for cleaning the galley, dining room and a few other rooms, as well as supervision, but the other day I was assigned outside the Oval Office to vacuum, mop, dust and sanitize.”

“While I was dusting off some artificial plants right next to the office’s door, I overheard Kamala Harris speaking to (I think) Joe Biden. I’m pretty sure it was him because I heard her say something like, ‘This is your last month as president, Joe.’

The janitor continued, saying even though Harris’ voice was a bit muffled, he or she was “pretty sure it was her voice.”

“She also mentioned ‘they’ or ‘them’ in the context of (paraphrasing) ‘They don’t want you here anymore. You’re a liability and make us look foolish.’

Read the rest of the post below:

“Now keep in mind the Oval Office itself is somewhat soundproof, but Kamala was yelling so loud that I could make out her words. I didn’t hear Joe’s response since he usually talks or mumbles in hushed tones.

“This all happened on Tuesday, so it was before the ‘President Harris’ gaffe and his latest stumble up the Air Force One steps.

“I’m not sure if he did all of this on purpose to ‘build a case’ of sorts to usher in Kamala as the next president. Maybe it was done on purpose, maybe not, but I can tell you that Joe isn’t all there in the head and he constantly needs handlers to help him out with even the most miniscule tasks.

“So, to sum up, Joe is likely to step down within the next month or so and Kamala will become the first female POTUS.

“You heard it here first.”

View a SFW version of the post here (original)

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Image Credit: WaPo, USA Today