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Leftwing Twitter Mob Politicizes Boulder Shooting By Wrongfully Claiming Suspect Is White

On Tuesday, countless blue checkmark accounts on Twitter were chomping at the bit to blame a White person for the heinous mass shooting that took place at a Boulder, Colorado grocery store that left at least 10 dead.

According to CNN, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, of Arvada, near Denver, is accused of opening fire Monday afternoon at the King Soopers store in the university city of Boulder, killing people ranging in age from 20 to 65, authorities said.

Caleb Hull, a fellow social media user, put together a thread exposing the individuals who “immediately jumped to politicize the tragic Boulder shooting” to push their own narratives:

See more below (Credits: Twitter, Thread Reader App):

Deadspin Editor + USA Today Editor

What makes this one even more ironic is that the shooter posted to his FB about needing a girlfriend.Image

“Activist, feminist, author”

How she reacted when she thought the shooter was white vs. when he turned out to be muslim:ImageImage

“Two different Americas,” he says as he pulls in 125,000 likes on a tweet that is completely false.Image
Global Correspondent for Byline Times:Image
“He was white,” he says about the man who was not, in fact, white.Image
(that is not what it is)Image
(it was not a white man with a gun)Image
and again…Image
This narrative really isn’t going to age well.Image
Hey @meenaharris, I saw you deleted this tweet! Is it because the shooter isn’t white and is actually muslim?Image
We really need to ban narrative-hungry morons with phones.Image

“The right relies on them for fundraising, political power, and intimidation against democracy.”

Okay, then what do we call it when you push a false narrative immediately after a shooting that turns out to be totally false?Image

This really isn’t going as planned for them.Image
Amazing how many people jumped on this narrative train.Image
“See a trend?”Image
“I deleted a previous tweet pushing fake news to replace it with another tweet pushing fake news”Image
Hey @SHEsus__Christ, just saw you deleted this tweet! Just wanted to make sure you don’t forget about it!Image
(It’s definitely not the tweet)Image
Hey @Mikel_Jollett, just saw you blocked me. Is it because you knew you pushed a false narrative?Image
Hey @lacadri34, just saw you deleted your tweet, blocked me, and tried to push another narrative. Just wanted to make sure everyone sees this!ImageImage
Hey @MiaMBloom, you might want to delete this one!Image
170,000 likesImage
LOL @hoboesq deleted her entire account after this.Image

Look how fast the narrative changed:

“He’s not a Muslim” to “Muslim incel”ImageImage