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No Jab, No Job? New Zealand PM Says Companies Are ‘Obliged’ To Ensure Employees Are Vaccinated

On Saturday, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced during a press conference that all front line workers must be vaccinated if they want to remain in their jobs.

“Implementing the ‘No jab, no job’ policy, New Zealand PM outlines that private companies will also be ‘obliged’ to ensure employees are vaccinated.

“My body, my choice becomes My body, state choice.”


Ardern: Of course my expectation is that all our front line border workers, for their own health and safety, are vaccinated.

We gave a certain amount of time for this to happen. For those who wanted to [inaudible] their own information to have time to be vaccinated, but as I’ve said, from Monday we start beginning the process for those who have not to be moved into other roles.

So, the difference in numbers will be those who are working in ports, airports, versus those working at [MIQs].

The vast majority have been vaccinated. Some will be government agencies, some however, as in this case, will be someone who’s working for a private company.

In those cases, the private company’s obliged to make sure that individuals have been vaccinated.

From next week, we start working through the individual data to ensure that those who are expected to be vaccinated have been. If they’re not, they [will move on].

Main Image Credit: Reseller News