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Merriam-Webster And Other Dictionaries Change Definition Of “Vaccine”

It was recently discovered that Merriam-Webster, an American publisher that is especially known for its dictionaries, changed the definition of the word “vaccine” just two days ago (as of the posting of this article):

Merriam Webster Dictionary Vaccine Definition Change
A screenshot taken from a Google search result for “vaccine” that shows the definition changed 2 days ago. (Click to enlarge)

Below you will find a comparison between a February 6, 2019 archived version of the definition and the new one (archive source):

Merriam Webster Dictionary Vaccine Definition Change Before And After
Click to enlarge

Notice how Merriam-Webster excluded the word “immunity” in their 2021 version of the definition.

Is this being done because so many across not only the U.S., but also the world, are having doubts about being injected with an experimental shot?

UPDATE: Here is another definition change, this time from the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding “herd immunity” (H/T: anon mqJj7Oi6)

World Health Organization WHO Herd Immunity Definition Change
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Main Image Credit: Education Week