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Tesla Insider Reveals Elon Musk’s Future Plans In Cryptocurrency

Editor’s Note: The following information should not be viewed as financial advice.

An alleged Tesla insider posted on 4chan’s popular /biz/ board and claimed to have just finished a Zoom meeting with billionaire innovator Elon Musk.

“Sup /biz/, I’ve got an interesting story to tell you,” the insider said at the beginning of their thread. “I’m a mid-high level exec at Tesla and we just got off a Zoom meeting with the man himself: Mr. Elon Musk.”

“Now, Mr. Musk was talking about the usual stuff like R&D, logistics, etc, but he also brought up crypto and the future of his personal investments as well as Tesla & SpaceX’s stakes.

“He knows he messed up with the BTC announcement yesterday, but is still eager to find a currency that is eco-friendly. He’s been doing some research and has a list going of possible candidates.

“At the top of his list is something called ALGO, which I’m not too familiar with. Another one he mentioned is Harmony.

“Now keep in mind, the coin he selects will only affect his businesses – or so he says. He may make a personal investment into it as well, but nobody knows for sure.

“Since he’s the self-proclaimed DOGEfather, he also talked about some dog coin knockoffs and how he might transfer some of his DOGE holdings to one or more of them. The one that caught his eye is SHIBA INU since Vitalik Buterin made a massive donation to the Indian Covid Relief Fund.

“It’s all speculation at this point; nothing is set in stone.

“Oh, and another coin that popped up was Pregnant Butt(?). Never heard of that until now, and a few of us chuckled when he said it.

“But let me tell you, his face was as serious as can be. I guess he doesn’t mess around when it comes to investments, including ridiculously named crypto tokens.

“That’s all I have. Since there were dozens on the Zoom call, I’m pretty sure I’m safe from being found out.”

The alleged whistleblower has not posted again since the publishing of this article.

View the full thread here (Warning: includes NSFW content)

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